Febbre da Fieno

Cast Tecnico

  • Nazione
  • Anno
  • Genere
  • Regia
    Laura Lucchetti
  • Cast
    Diane Fleri
    Giulia Michelini
    Giuseppe Gandini
    Andrea Bosca
    Camilla Filippi
    Cecilia Cinardi
    Gabriele Sangrigoli
    Mauro Ursella
  • Produzione
    DAP Italy
  • Distribuzione
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italia


A group of Roman misfits spend the fall minding a vintage shop called Twinkled, a business that is failing in every way but in spirit. The owner strives to keep the store afloat, even as his wife insists that he sell the place and get a real job. One day a beautiful young woman named Camilla takes a job cleaning the store, and her presence has a profound effect on the lives of everyone, including Stefano, the well-meaning but unorganized shopkeeper, and Gigio, Camilla's loving younger brother who has Down's syndrome.