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Massimiliano Di Lodovico (Roma, 3 march 1978) is an italian cinema producer.


He started his career as a cinema producer in 2008 when he produced the advert 'Roma For You' Onlus BASTA POCO, directed by Laura Luchetti and presented at the Festival of Cinema of Roma. In 2011 he produced his first film FEBBRE DA FIENO directed by Laura Luchetti and distributed by Walt Disney Italy. The film, was presented during the international festivals of St. Louis, Atlanta, Sacramento, Jaipur, Albuquerque, Cleveland International Film Festival, Fantasporto of Oporto and at the Metropolitan Film Festival of New York where it won the award for the best film.

In 2012 he produced togehter with the production company OH!PEN The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars, a short film in english, adapted from a story by the writer Erri De Luca and directed by the italian/american director Edoardo Ponti with which he won the Tribeca Film Festival, a special award 'the silver ribbon' for short films and it was on the short list for the Oscars.

In 2012 he founded the production company MasiFilm and produced RazzaBastarda the first film directed by Alessandro Gassmann. Adapted for the Roman teatre and his 'baby', written by Reinaldo Povod, a film which won the 'silver ribbon' Hamilton award 'behind the camera', it won the Bari International film Festival and it was candidated twice for an award David of Donatello..

In 2013 he founded the cinema production company Masifilm Srl.

In 2013 he the produced THE HUMAN VOICE of Jean Cocteau (La Voce Umana di Jean Cocteau), riadapting it in a naples dialect by the celebrated Erri De Luca with the direction of Edoardo Ponti and starring Sophia Loren.




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The film should be the show.This is what the public wants.For me, the best show is that of the myth.The Cinema is myth. (Sergio Leone)


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